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Memorial Headstones Palmerston North

Our Services​

At Sanctuary Memorials, we love to hear your ideas and are always open to a unique design approach.

Get in touch now, or read through a few of our service options below for inspiration.

Memorial Benches

A Memorial Bench invites a moment to rest and remember loved ones.

Full-Colour Headstones

A Full-Colour Headstone can provide a wonderful memorial for future generations to visit.

Recumbents & Memorial Plaques

Capture the personality of your loved one with a stunning Recumbent or Memorial Plaque.

Double Width Headstones​

Plan ahead for the future with our unique double-width headstones, select a fitting tribute and create a lasting memorial.

Get in Touch

Get in touch now to share your ideas for a personalised memorial headstone, plaque, or other monument.


    Rock Heart in Bahama Blue Granite

    In order to capture the essence of the life led and the personality of your loved one, our creative team works alongside you throughout the process of creating your memorial headstone, plaque or other monument.

    We explore your options until we come up with the perfect tribute, and then our in-house artist draws up your design, which is then passed along to our talented stonemasons. The construction process takes around 6-8 weeks.

    During this construction period, the written, photographic, artistic, and portions will be finalised so that we can add these proofed materials right away when the stonemason signals that the monument is ready.

    Once all the elements are in place, we ship your memorial stone to our local headstone installation team.

    Custom Monuments Created & Installed

    The Sanctuary Memorials Palmerston North team are here to take the stress out of designing and installing a memorial monument for your loved one.

    We can help ensure that your custom design accurately reflects the life and the personality of your loved one. Our creative team works with you as you choose the design, inscriptions and any artwork or features, ensuring that every component aligns with your vision.

    To get started, visit one of our Auckland locations, give us a call, or meet with us online – whichever suits you best.

    Installation Services

    Our Palmerston North team will install your monument in line with your unveiling date. You can contact our local installer directly if you need repairs, maintenance or further inscriptions later on.

    Following Cultural Traditions

    We understand that cultural traditions often need to be observed when your headstone is being installed. To ensure a respectful process, we work with families, councils and caretakers so that traditions, regulations, and boundaries are adhered to.

    We always aim to ensure that your loved one’s monument won’t need to be removed from the Cemetery or Urupā when it comes time to add further inscriptions. While this may not always be possible, we will do whatever we can to help make this happen.

    Mirror frame