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Memorial Headstones Taupo

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In order to create a meaningful, personalised tribute for every person who comes to us, we remain open to all suggestions around the form and design of your monument.

Get in touch now, or browse a small selection of our service options below to look for design inspiration.

Custom Headstones

Choose an entirely personal design and work with our creative team to produce a truly unique tribute.

Full-Colour Headstones

Capture the spirit of your loved one in full colour. This is an excellent opportunity to create a lasting tribute.

Recumbents & Memorial Plaques

Add a customised touch with photographs, artwork or sculptural features that speak to the interests and personality of your loved one.

Double Width Headstones​

Plan ahead for the future with our unique double-width headstones, select a fitting tribute and create a lasting memorial.

Get in Touch

We are here to support you throughout this process with compassion and care.

Contact us today to start a conversation about your vision for a unique memorial headstone, plaque, or other monument.

    The Sanctuary Memorials Process

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    As you navigate the process of deciding on the design that you feel will accurately reflect the life and personality of your loved one, our creative team will work with you.

    We will explore your options together until we reach the stage where our artist can create a precise drawing from your ideas; then, our expert stonemasons will work for around 6-8 weeks to construct your customised headstone.

    The photographic, artistic, and written portions of the work will be completed over this timeframe so that these proofed materials can be added as soon as the monument is ready.

    After all these elements have been brought together, we ship your monument to our expert Taupo team for installation.

    Personalised Headstones Created & Installed

    Creating a monument to honour your loved one who has passed can be challenging.

    At Sanctuary Memorials, our Taupo team are here to help you every step of the way as you work towards choosing the design, inscriptions and added artwork or features – to capture the personality and spirit of your loved one.

    From our first conversation all the way to your unveiling, we listen with compassion, and our goal is always to ensure that the end result lines up with your vision.

    Get started now with a visit to one of our Auckland locations, or meet with us online or over the telephone – whatever works best for you.

    Taupo Installation Services

    Our Taupo team will install your monument in place in time for your unveiling, and if you want to add further inscriptions later on, you can just get back in touch with our local installer.

    Following Cultural Traditions

    Sanctuary Memorials understands that cultural traditions may need to be taken into account when your headstone is being installed. We work with councils, caretakers, and families to observe all relevant traditions, regulations and boundaries.

    While it may not be possible in every case, we also work with you towards adding future inscriptions to your monument on-site. It is always our aim to ensure that your loved one’s monument is not removed from the Urupā or Cemetery.

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