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Headstone Refurbishment Services

Headstone Refurbishment

The perfect alternative to traditional refurbishments by using Sanctuary’s latest Colour Mural Panels instead of repainting old and weathered headstones.

  • Colour Mural Panels for all shapes and sizes of Headstones
  • UV Resistant
  • Extremely Durable
  • Wide range of artwork and backgrounds to choose from

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Gravestone Headstone Memorial Plaque Wording

At Sanctuary Memorials we are focused on providing the best possible products and customer service in New Zealand. We understand that purchasing a tombstone is an emotional time so we take extra special care to ensure that your needs are met.

We work closely with you to understand exactly how you want to memorialise your loved one and create unique, customised headstone designs and memorial plaque headstone wording for you.

We also refurbish existing tombstones that have become weathered or damaged over time and can redo damaged or lost artwork on memorial monuments.  Sanctuary Memorials also offers replacement services for traditional ceramic photographs.

Custom Gravestone Headstones NZ

When you choose Sanctuary Memorials to create a gravestone we will work hard to make sure the result is beautiful, personalised, and high quality, so that it will last for generations. We create both granite and marble monuments and our skilled team specialises in tombstone art, so you can get a very unique design and the headstone wording you want. We can also create long lasting ceramic photographs for the tombstone.

We understand that everyone’s budget is different, and we believe that having less money shouldn’t mean a poor quality grave monument. Sanctuary Memorials will work with you to create a quality headstone that suits your budget.

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Replacing or Repairing Traditional Ceramic Photographs

It is normal for headstone designs and headstone wording to become damaged or to degrade over time. It can be hard to see the monument left to memorialise a loved one decay like this. That’s why Sanctuary Memorials offers professional refurbishing solutions to get such headstones looking dignified again.

Our skilled team has years of experience and will repair both artwork and headstone wording with great care. We offer a range of affordable rates for refurbishment and will assess the gravesite carefully to establish an accurate quote for you.

If desired, we can also add new inscriptions or change headstone wording, providing that permission is obtained from all concerned.

Many older memorial tombstones feature traditional ceramic photographs. This is a way to preserve the image of the deceased on their headstone that is designed to last. These photographs are made by reproducing a photograph on fine porcelain which is then attached to the monument.

While our modern ceramic photographs are specially produced to last a very long time without fading, older ceramic images fade more easily and can become chipped, cracked, or damaged in other ways. At Sanctuary Memorials we can assess your ceramic photograph and repair it if possible. If not, we can create a replacement using the original image or a new image provided by you.

Headstone Enquiries

Please email us using the form below or at info@sanctuarymemorials.co.nz. If you prefer to phone please call our friendly team today on 09 271 6611.

    Sanctuary Memorials will ensure that you loved one receives a Headstone Memorial that will create a lasting memory for their family.

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