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Memorial Headstones Rotorua

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At Sanctuary Memorials, we remain open to all suggestions around the design of your monument.

Get in touch now, or click through a small selection of our service options below to look for some inspiration.

Temple Headstones

Work with our creative team to produce a regal tribute to your loved one.

Full-Colour Headstones

Create a lasting full-colour tribute that will provide a wonderful touchstone for future generations.

Recumbents & Memorial Plaques

Capture the interests and personality of your loved one with an elegant Recumbent or Memorial Plaque.

Double Width Headstones​

Plan ahead for the future with our unique double-width headstones, select a fitting tribute and create a lasting memorial.

Get in Touch

Get in touch now to start a conversation about your ideas for a personalised memorial headstone, plaque, or other monument.

    The Sanctuary Memorials Process

    Daniel 3 & Green Koru Headstone

    Our creative team work alongside you throughout the process of focusing in on the best design to embody the life and personality of your loved one.

    Working together, we explore your options until we get to the point where our in-house artist can draw up your ideas to be passed along to our experienced stonemasons. The construction then takes around 6-8 weeks.

    Over this 6-8 week period, the work’s photographic, artistic, and written portions will be completed so that we can add these proofed materials right away when the monument is ready.

    After the final monument has been approved, we ship it to our headstones Rotorua installation team.

    Headstones Created & Installed

    Creating a monument to honour a loved one who has passed can become a meaningful experience when you work with The Sanctuary Memorials Rotorua team.

    We are here to help you as you work towards choosing the design, inscriptions and added artwork or features so that the end result properly reflects the life and the personality of your loved one.

    From our initial consultation through installation for the unveiling, we take care to understand your vision, and it is our aim to assist you in achieving it.

    We are ready to help now; visit one of our Auckland locations – or call or meet with us online – whichever works best for you.

    Rotorua Installation Services

    Our Rotorua team will install your monument in place in time for your unveiling, and if you want to add further inscriptions later on, you can just get back in touch with our local installer.

    Following Cultural Traditions

    We understand that cultural traditions often need to be observed when your headstone is being installed and reinscribed. To this end, we work with councils, caretakers, and families to ensure respect for traditions, regulations and boundaries are built into our processes.

    While it may not always be possible, it is always our aim to ensure that your loved one’s monument won’t need to be removed from the Cemetery or Urupā when it comes time to add further inscriptions.

    Green Koru Headstone